6-12 weeks, bleeding, feeding, jabs…..

This is the other milestone to log down in your book/memory. 12weeks that other diamond of a goal to reach.


Now that this cute photo has distracted you for a little bit let’s talk about bleeding. Which, from my experience doesn’t get talked about. Ok I know I know blood is a slightly icky topic but still I would have felt a lot more normal and comfortable if I’d just known what was normal. Now obviously your advised to get these ginormous maternity pads for after the baby but you don’t really think much about it. The thing to keep in mind is that you haven’t had a period for 9months. So I bought just one of those packs of pads naively, I think I probably got through that in the first week. But yeah one pack wasn’t enough I think it was about 8 weeks in the end for me that I bled for, obviously wasn’t as heavy as the beginning for the whole thing but still was more than enough and went on for long enough. I didn’t think it would go on for this long and was worried after a few weeks but lucky enough I had a couple of other new mums who had had their babies around the same time as me and so just gently broached the subject and turned out one had only finished bleeding a week or so before and the other was still going so it is pretty normal. Obviously if your ever concerned or not sure about something do go to your doctor about it as they can just give you a check and make sure all is ok as it can sometimes, very rarely turn out that not all your placenta has come away and so this might need keeping and eye on or even sorting out. So yes anything usual or anything your not sure of just ask that’s what they are there for.

Right thats that out of the way. Feeding, now I know I said in my last post about breastfeeding and for us 6 weeks was a golden milestone, well by 12 weeks let just say a fair bit happened in those 6 weeks. For starters cluster feeding. Now I’d heard about cluster feeding ever so slightly from a friend who’s little one is nearly a year older than Hetty. So knew this did occur. And oh boy didn’t it occur. Hetty began cluster feeding and she was literally attached to me from about 6:30/7:00 in the evening till 11:30/12:00. This period was fun as it also didn’t lessen the amount of times she woke in the night either.


This is how I spent a lot of evenings. I would toddle off into the bedroom with her. Read her a story and then she’d latch on and that’s where we’d stay for a while. She would drain both boobs. Now as you can imagine all this made me very very tired and it was around this point that I started doubting myself. So of course when this happened and when others heard of this they always give you suggestions. Now some are brilliant and really helpful and others maybe not quiet so much but again that comes down to what suits you and your little one. Now one suggestion we kept on getting but we weren’t sure how we felt (didn’t sit right with me at all, Doug wasn’t sure but more open to the idea) about it was that we should give her food. Give her some baby rice or something as that will help her feel fuller for longer and allow me to get some sleep. You get told a fair bit about babies and when to feed them and wean them etc so yeah. This one wasn’t one I was keen to try out or give in to. It just didn’t sit right the idea of giving her food at 12 weeks so I didn’t, I persevered. Cluster feeding pasted, it was something we just came to terms with and dealt with and it does pass. Like the old cliche ‘it’s just a phase’. Embrace it as much as you can if your going through it, know it does pass and just have a camera handy for the in between times and get shots like these haha

But for full disclosure though which some books don’t do (NS you know what i’m talking about). We did try to get her to take a bottle of expressed milk to try and help ease it if we could so Doug could do a feed in the evening to try and help. But like with some babies Hetty refused she would not take it, she wouldn’t take it from me, which apparently they often won’t take bottles from mum to begin with because they can smell your milk. She wouldn’t take it from Doug, and even got my mum to try and she still was having none of it, and as breastfeeding was working for us and I was no longer in any pain or anything, decided it wasn’t worth the hassle, stress or upset it was causing trying to get her to accept a bottle and gave up and continued with direct from the boob.

Next thing to start being thrown at you at this stage is the jabs. Now I had already asked if Doug would be so kind to come with us for that first set of jabs as I knew I would be emotional. (I was right I cried) So we had these booked in and we went along to the nurse. It is a horrible event really and in the words of hot fuzz and what you have to keep reminding yourself of it’s for ‘the greater good’. That first set we weren’t really sure what to expect what it would be of what and yeah just felt so guilty (I will touch upon that feeling in another post too πŸ˜‰). We started off with Doug holding Hetty as I felt I couldn’t do it and then by the time it came to after the needles and for the drops I had her in my arms trying to get her calm. However, as I said I did have a little cry when she cried out when she had that needle popped in her leg, but all joking aside it is for the greater good, it’s to make sure they don’t get any nasty illnesses which could be really harmful even life threatening to them so you just have to remember this and get them done. ( Doug also being the amazing husband and dad he is, came to all the other jabs and will continue to as he gets to hold her through them πŸ˜‰)

Another development happened during this time frame too….Hetty found her thumb 😍

Now I was very pleased about this. We’d had people suggest dummies to us earlier when going through the cluster feeding ‘as she was just using me for comfort and to settle, you should really use a dummy’ no no I shouldn’t and didn’t. My opinion personally is I’m not really a fan of dummies. I get the benefits that when they get to a certain age you can take it away etc and obviously can’t with a thumb but I personally just don’t like them. And again each to their own and honestly whatever you and little one are happy with that’s the right decision there isn’t a wrong one. I was a thumb sucker though and well I self stopped when I felt the time was right and I think that’s the same nature with most thumb suckers. So I was extremely pleased when Hetty showed signs she would be a thumb sucker as it meant she would be able to self soothe and comfort and I mean come on as these photos and ones later on will show it’s extremely cute! It had been a god send when it has come to self settling.


2 thoughts on “6-12 weeks, bleeding, feeding, jabs…..

  1. I found that, even after my daughter was at an age where cereal was appropriate, it didn’t make her sleep any longer or deeper. That just happened with time (at about 6 months old).
    We also went through the cluster feeding, and it does eventually taper off! πŸ™‚
    BTW, your baby’s adorable!


    1. I know exactly old wives tale that giving them food makes them sleep longer. Little one is now nearly 16months old and even now she still doesn’t sleep. Was about 8 months for us when she started sleeping through. Thank you I think she’s a little cutie but then again I am biased haha. Thank you again for reading xx

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