So, let’s start at the beginning. Doug and myself decided that I would come off birth control on the 1st January 15. Therefore this began the not trying/trying. We figured we’d go with the flow of things and see how we went. What that meant in my head was let’s see how quick we can make it happen.

I’d been on the pill for 15 years by the time we decided I would come off it. This made me rather anxious about the whole whether I’d even be able to get pregnant thoughts in my head. As I had heard it can take quiet a while for you body to return back to cycling after being on the pill for a period of time, let alone over a decade. Any way long story short, we were at it like rabbits when I thought would be the most fertile window and then we would just wait to see what would arrive or not. Doug had no clue of cause during these periods of time he just figured I’d got a bit more mojo with coming off the pill and all his Christmases and Birthdays had come at once.

Doug went on a stag due in early April and Aunt Flow was due her visit at that same time. When she hadn’t arrived I thought hey why not I’m excited and can always buy more sticks to pee on so I toddled off to the bathroom while he was nursing his sore head and just wanting to sleep on the sofa. (I have no sympathy when it comes to hangovers as they are self inflicted so he was getting nothing but it’s your own fault from me). While he was passed out on the sofa I waited to see if anything would change on that stick and well it did😳 I was so excited and so went back into the living room stick in hand ready to break the news to Doug.

Well if I was hoping for one of those TV/movie scenes when they tell their other half their pregnant and the whole hugging kissing and jumping around quiet the opposite I got. I tapped his leg holding the stick up and trying to get him to rouse and well he mumbled do you want a kiss and then fell back to sleep. So as you can imagine not what I was quiet hoping for but he was rough and probably picked the wrong time to do it. Therefore I knew from the day my period was due I was pregnant so very early on. Also just to be sure I took a test the next morning as well as I’d always heard your morning pee is the best one to test with.


We had a chat and decided we wouldn’t tell anyone as it was way to early and you always here it’s best not to say anything until after the first scan just in case. Well I’m not always very good at this and so I told my mum and dad. Truth is I’m very close with my mum and dad and I pretty much tell them everything. To be honest as well I think if the worst had happened I would have wanted them to know so I would have had them there to support me. But this is just an assumption as I was very fortunate to have a very smooth straight forward pregnancy. (Edit: ok I told my best friend too, I tell my best friend literally everything as you should so hence why I didn’t think this needing mentioning as I figured we all know we tell our best friend everything but for her she was the only person this was shared with (outside of my parents) And everything will always be shared with her…always x)


I didn’t suffer from any sickness as such just a lot, I mean a lot of dry heaving. Smells would set me off, imagines and even conversations. I wasn’t actually ever sick, just heaved. I had some of the usual issues swollen hands and feet towards the end and these little blighters literally showed up over night when I was about 38 weeks.


But it’s ok they pretty much disappeared afterwards and the silvery lines which are left now are just a reminder I grew a little person, my body did an amazing incredible thing which we should be kinder to each other about.

below will be some other pics of my growing bump which is a pregnancy bump, not fat, not bloated,just baby. I was fortunate to go full term. I got to 40 weeks and no baby, I’d had what I thought to be a bit of a show on that Monday (40weeks on the Tuesday) and then I had my 40 weeks appointment and well that changed everything…..




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